Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting' Ready for the Art Fair!

What is getting ready for an art fair like? Here are scenes from my studio -- stacks and stacks of art works!  I have tubs full of framed works, baskets filled with works on paper, a "flip" bin with figurative work, cardboard boxes with larger paintings and the portable "office" is ready to go.  I run around for days wrapping and sorting and planning and packing. And I haven't even started getting my tent equipment together.  I am get excited as the dates for the art fair close in!  And, a little nervous.  I hope all goes well.  And that I see some friends.

 I bring a flip bin with colorful life drawings, sketches, studies and finished works. 
 This basket has framed and unframed works of paintings of cakes, pies and other good things.
 Monotypes and studies are in this basket.  
 This basket has mostly painted sketches and studies. The tub underneath holds framed work. The tub keeps everything dry in case of rain.
 Larger paintings go into cardboard boxes for protection.
Here is my portable "office." It has everything you might have on your desk!

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