Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall into the Arts Festival

I set up a booth at the Walkup Heritage Farm Fall Festival on October 21, 2007. It was a very warm day in October and incredibly windy. I don't know how my booth stayed up! The farm has great heritage vegetables and native plants. Click here to get more info.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cheesecake and Pie

This painting has several distinctions. It is a large painting with many treats. All of the pastries employ my 3-d impasto technique. The pan colors are more muted than some of my other pastry paintings which gives it a more somber feel. On the impasto pies and cakes, two colors are mixed on the paintings. Glazing adds depth. It is a successful painting. 20"x24", acrylic on board.

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The berry-topping dripping down the side is what absolutely compelled me to do this painting. A first for me in this painting is the berry-topping -- I laid down two colors in my 3-d impasto technique and worked them together right on the canvas. The effort worked well and I have repeated it since. 12"x 9", acrylic, framed. Sold.


This drawing was started at my figure drawing club and finished later in the studio. It has a wonderful "mood." Charcoal on brown/tan paper. Approx 20"x13". Matted, ready to frame for 24"x18" size. $120.

Sylvia At Rest

This is a sketch of Sylvia at rest, a gesture drawing almost. A gesture drawing captures the action or mood of the scene rather than details. Charcoal on tan/brown paper. Approx 20"x 13". Matted and ready to frame in a 24"x18" size. $120.

Sylvia Reclining

A contour drawing of Sylvia. Yes, there are eraser marks. It is very difficult to get this right the first time. Some collectors like to see the eraser marks because they witness the artist's "struggle." Charcoal on brown paper. Approx 13"x 20". Matted & ready for 18"x24" frame. $120.

Brown Woman

This is done in oil pastel which has a completely different feel than charcoal. It is very loose and abstract. Renderings done with oil pastel are considered paintings rather than drawings. This one has a tropical feel. This figure, as all of them, was started during my figure workshop, Valley Arts Club. This is a group that gets together every couple of weeks and we hire a model. There are no instructions, no teacher -- just several artists working together. When I get them back to the studio, I finish and polish them. I choose the small size because is it suitable for the short drawing time we have at the workshop. 6"x8", oil pastel, framed. $120

Blue Woman

The highlights are the "highlight" of this painting done in oil pastel. The initial sketch was done at my figure drawing club, Valley Arts Club. I finished later in the studio. 6"x8", oil pastel, framed. $120

Green Woman

When I look at this pose, I see lots of arms and legs. I like the way they wrap into each other. This painting was started at my figure workshop and finished later in the studio. 8"x6", oil pastel, framed. $120

Touch of Gold

The colors in this figure is what I enjoy most. 6"x8", oil pastel, framed. $120

Purple & Green Figure

I love how the model is crouching and the abstract way it is captured. 5"x7", oil pastel. Ready to frame. $50.


The model was leaning on a mantel, which is why her arm is at that angle. 5"x7" oil pastel.
Ready to frame. $50.

Artist's Reception

The Artist’s Reception for the show Sweeter by the Dozen at the Caffé Luna in Crystal Lake, Il., was Saturday, Sept 8. It was a fun affair and many friends stopped by. A photographer from a local newspaper attended and had me pose by my painting, Cheesecake and Pie.

Three Paintings

Here is another shot the photographer took. The Baker is flanked by Lennon or Cherry? and Eat Cake II. By the way, after this show, Lennon or Cherry? is on its way to the Algonquin Public Art program where it will be on display for a year (until October 2008). So I will have the opportunity of having many people see it!

Art Friends

My Art Friends, Chris Arthur and Caty Norman-Burke were a tremendous help. I couldn’t have done it without them. They are standing by Cake Reflections

Reading Up

Caty is getting in-depth information. Strawberry Pastries is behind her.

Art Friends

I am talking to two Art Friends who came by, Judith Nahill and Lori Valus.


A talented, local musician played the keyboard and sang for us. Her name is Frances Mai-Ling and she plays alternative-classical piano. Information about her is at Fruit and Eggs is behind her.


This lucky man stopped in to view the artwork.

Art Friends, September 26, 2007

Hello Everyone,
I am pleased to share with you today a new work, Cake Reflections. What I discovered with this painting is the intense focus that is achieved when just one of the pastries in the painting has the thick impasto technique. The moody blues and muted reds draw you in. The front cake provides a bright balance.
Cake Reflections, 11”x14”, acrylic, $400
© 2007 Barbara Sistak Baur.
Viewers are mesmerized by the multiple cakes and colors that set the tone for the painting. This painting is one of several I have captured from a single bakery case. Bakery cases are chock full of delights inspiring many paintings from one setting.

I have lots of other news to share, as well. Scroll down.

Barbara Sistak Baur, Artist

Now Online
--Many friends stopped by the recent art reception at Caffé Luna. A reporter stopped by and snapped a couple pictures (there was even a picture in the paper!). Those and several others are posted. To see them, click the Events topic.
--Also posted are four new works in the bakery series including The Baker which shows a glimpse of the person who created the pie. Click the Bakery Art topic to see them.
--Figure Sketches. These are colorful little paintings done with oil pastels during my figure drawing club. They have a loose, abstract quality. Check them out – click the Figure Sketches topic.

Now On Display
-- Sweeter by the Dozen at the Caffé Luna in Crystal Lake (in front of Hobby Lobby), Mon-Sat from 6 am to 6 pm, Sunday 7 am to 3 pm. An impasto painting display. Closing Sept 30.
-- America's Car I & II, car-art tables, at the Algonquin Public Library, part of the Village of Algonquin Public Art program, a year-long display. Closing October15.

Newly Accepted
I am pleased to announce that my artwork will be among the art on display at the 10th annual "Chicago Art Open," from October 4, to October 27 on the second floor of the Iron Studios, 3636 S. Iron St. in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood. The event's opening reception will be Friday, Oct. 5, from 6:00-10:00 p.m. The show is sponsored by the Chicago Artists' Coalition (CAC). I will be showing Grand Bakery.

Newly Accepted
I have just been notified that another piece, Lemon or Cherry?, has been selected for the 2007-2008 Village of Algonquin Public Art Program. This is a year-long public display. The village philosophy is that public art improves the quality of life for residents. I agree and I am happy to say that this is the third year in a row that I have been privileged to participate.

On the Easel
What else--another bakery scene! This one features a carrot cake with delightful carrot decorations.

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