Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brisk Approach Suitable for Easygoing Subject

Fruit Tarts on Red 12"x9", acrylic, framed, $300, 
© B. Sistak Baur

Fruit tarts as a painting subject are attractive because of the variety they offer.  Not only in colors and textures but in the styles with which they can be approached. Very thick and textural paints are apt. But fruit tarts are also very suitable for a more brisk approach that features fast, broad brush strokes and an easygoing looseness. The second approach is what I selected for this painting, Fruit Tarts on Red.

I put a close up picture below so you can see the brush strokes clearly and how one layer is quickly applied over the underlying layer, often working with wet paint on wet paint. You can click on the picture for a larger image. The result is an expressive painting. Fruit tarts work well in groups so I also have blue and yellow versions of this painting. They are posted on my website in the 9"x12" gallery.
-- Barb

Kaneland Celebrates the Arts

Far west of Chicago is Kane County, where Sugar Grove and Maple Park are  located.  Rural communities with agricultural roots, they represent the home of the Kaneland Community Fine Arts Festival this April 18.  For one day, the Kaneland High School in Maple Park is the location of an art extravaganza with performances, workshops, art demonstration and exhibitions. The entire community participates. In association with the Fine Arts Festival, a juried art exhibition is concurrently shown at the Sugar Grove Library.

I am proud to say that I am participating in these events in two ways.  First, I am one of the invited artists demonstrating in the Fine Arts Festival on Sunday, April 18. And second, two artworks of mine were selected for the fine art exhibition at the library which runs from March 26 to April 30.  (Grand Fruit Tart and Cheesecake Pie.)

By the way, the public is invited to these events and they are free.  Get the schedule here.


Michigan City Added to Art Fair Schedule

Michigan City, Indiana, is the art destination for me this August 21 and 22.  This is where the Lubeznik Center for the Arts is conducting its 29th Lakefront Festival in Washington Park, on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. The park is accessible to motorists, cyclists, foot traffic and boaters alike. Thousands of visitors from surrounding states come to this festive, high-quality event.  I hope you will, too, since I have added this festival to my schedule. Click for more info about the event.

-- Barb

The Sketchbook Project at Brooklyn Art Library (Video)

Update:  I just discovered that there was fire involving the sketchbooks in the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project in February, 2022 --...