Monday, January 26, 2009

Large Fruit Tart

Large Fruit Tart, acrylic, 11"x14", framed. © B Sistak Baur

The colors of the bright fruits beckoned me to do this painting. They are so distinctive and placed so beautifully. I found the inspiration for this piece in a bountiful French bakery where color and presentation are paramount.

Each fruit piece is individually sculpted with impasto acrylic paint using painting knives. They are shaped directly on the painting support so they are applied in the layers and allowed to dry before going on. The exception are the berries which are created separate from the painting, dried and later placed on the painting.

French Apple Tart

French Apple Tart, acrylic, 11"x14",  © B Sistak Baur

Circles in circles is what inspired me to do this painting. The curves of the apple slices are layered one upon one another and become a larger curve. This, in turn, is contained within the surrounding curve of the pie crust.

Pieces of raw painting canvas were cut into the shape of apple slices, arranged in the painted pie crust and adhered to the painting support. Color was added with acrylic paint. Then berries were dropped on top.

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Guava Cheese Tart I

Guava Cheese Tart I, acrylic, 11"x14", framed, $400. © B Sistak Baur

I was fascinated by the way the strawberry-colored decoration blended with the creamy cheese filling. I was inspired to find a way to duplicate it.

Mixing acrylic paint and very loose medium created a syrup-like consistency that was appropriate for the task.

Iced Cake with Chocolate Sprinkles

Iced Cake with Chocolate Sprinkles, acrylic, 9"x12", framed, $300. © B Sistak Baur

I have painted this cake before but always in a different color (I often change the color of what I paint). I finally decided to do this little cake portrait in its actual hue.

Acrylic paint is mixed with heavy medium to achieve icing consistency. After it is “spread,” paint chips are sprinkled for the chocolate decoration.

The Sketchbook Project at Brooklyn Art Library (Video)

Update:  I just discovered that there was fire involving the sketchbooks in the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project in February, 2022 --...