Monday, July 22, 2013

Tent Disaster Averted

I was getting ready for an art fair, so I figured I would set up the tent just to be sure everything was a-ok.  And it is a good thing I did because I discovered a broken truss! 

I called the tent company immediately to order a replacement 
but that part was on back order for 3 weeks! 

 That wasn't going to do -- I was going to use it in less than 2 weeks.  

I considered the universal fix-all, duct tape, but that didn't seem like it would really work.

My handy assistant (aka husband) came to my rescue!

He comes up with the idea for an insert as a solution. 
That might work!

He starts to work taking apart a joint. 

He puts the insert in and tightens it down.

A close up of the insert.

 Then he puts a screw under it so it can't slide away. 

 He has lots of tools.  He's my hero!

And it works!  It is all together and ready to go!

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