Monday, July 15, 2013

Sketches and Studies

I enjoy doing sketches and studies as they allow the freedom to experiment with different colors, styles or media in a shorter time frame. While on a recent visit to Arizona, I took some time to "play" with my new oil pastels. The result is a study of flowers sitting on a patio table. There are two very distinct versions. One, of course, if more traditional and approaches realism.  The other is more abstract with no intention toward realism and features invented colors and sharp angles. Yet, they are same flowers!!  Do you have a preference for one over the other?  Feel free to leave a comment.


Norah Kubacki said...

I love all your work. The "softer" vase is so serene and refreshing. The "bolder" vase makes me feel vibrant and happy, maybe "playful" is a better word to describe my feelings.
You have a special knack in all your paintings. Even though they are somewhat realistic, they are also playful.
Art is so subjective. I am very picky about what I like and your art is especially joyful which makes me want to see more, and takes me to a "good" place.
When an artist can calm and reassure someone like me, you have absolutely done your job well, and I thank you.

B Sistak Baur said...

Noah - I am so happy to get your thoughts. "Joyful" and "Happy" is really what my art is to me, particularly in this case. Thanks for writing.

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