Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rooster Pitcher

Rooster Pitcher, 16"x20", acrylic on canvas board, © B Sistak Baur
This is a study done in black and white to demonstrate the creation of form through value.  The actual pitcher was pure white, making it the perfect item for the exercise.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday Cupcake

Birthday Cupcake, 3 1/2 x 2 1/2, Acrylic on paper, © B Sistak Baur
This little cupcake was painted as a birthday wish. There is a lovely little candle. Red velvet chocolate mini cupcake.  A tasty mouthful.  I painted this to try out the ACEO size. ACEO stands for Art Cards, Edition and Originals. They are trading card size. You see a lot of these on eBay.  People paint them and then collect, sell and trade them. Like baseball cards, I think. I wanted to see what I could paint at this size.

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Fruit Tarts for Parties

Fruit Tarts for Parties, 20"x16", Acrylic, © B Sistak Baur
I have painted fruit tarts many times.  The fruits are colorful and attractively arranged on the delicate cake cups. This painting is fun and breezy.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wine and Cheese

Wine and Cheese, 20"x16", acrylic color study, © B Sistak Baur

This painting is part of my study on using color to create shape and form -- warm colors are lighter areas, cool colors are darker areas. This subject is very traditional although the execution is not. I was inspired by the still life I set up for a painting class I was leading and liked it so much, I recreated it later for my own work. You can click on the photos to see larger images.

Cupcake Case

Cupcake Case, 16"x20", acrylic color study

This painting is part of my exploration of abstract styles, techniques and the contrast of color saturations. I was inspired to do this painting by the colors and style of southwest artist Ted deGracia after visiting his studio, Gallery in the Sun in Tucson, AZ. 

I selected the rows of cupcakes because they recalled the rows of people crowded into a grandstand in a deGracia painting.

To achieve the extra loose and abstract but still representational look, I taped my brush to a long stick and used this to paint.

The Sketchbook Project at Brooklyn Art Library (Video)

Update:  I just discovered that there was fire involving the sketchbooks in the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project in February, 2022 --...