Monday, July 22, 2013

Tent Disaster Averted

I was getting ready for an art fair, so I figured I would set up the tent just to be sure everything was a-ok.  And it is a good thing I did because I discovered a broken truss! 

I called the tent company immediately to order a replacement 
but that part was on back order for 3 weeks! 

 That wasn't going to do -- I was going to use it in less than 2 weeks.  

I considered the universal fix-all, duct tape, but that didn't seem like it would really work.

My handy assistant (aka husband) came to my rescue!

He comes up with the idea for an insert as a solution. 
That might work!

He starts to work taking apart a joint. 

He puts the insert in and tightens it down.

A close up of the insert.

 Then he puts a screw under it so it can't slide away. 

 He has lots of tools.  He's my hero!

And it works!  It is all together and ready to go!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting' Ready for the Art Fair!

What is getting ready for an art fair like? Here are scenes from my studio -- stacks and stacks of art works!  I have tubs full of framed works, baskets filled with works on paper, a "flip" bin with figurative work, cardboard boxes with larger paintings and the portable "office" is ready to go.  I run around for days wrapping and sorting and planning and packing. And I haven't even started getting my tent equipment together.  I am get excited as the dates for the art fair close in!  And, a little nervous.  I hope all goes well.  And that I see some friends.

 I bring a flip bin with colorful life drawings, sketches, studies and finished works. 
 This basket has framed and unframed works of paintings of cakes, pies and other good things.
 Monotypes and studies are in this basket.  
 This basket has mostly painted sketches and studies. The tub underneath holds framed work. The tub keeps everything dry in case of rain.
 Larger paintings go into cardboard boxes for protection.
Here is my portable "office." It has everything you might have on your desk!

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Sketches and Studies

I enjoy doing sketches and studies as they allow the freedom to experiment with different colors, styles or media in a shorter time frame. While on a recent visit to Arizona, I took some time to "play" with my new oil pastels. The result is a study of flowers sitting on a patio table. There are two very distinct versions. One, of course, if more traditional and approaches realism.  The other is more abstract with no intention toward realism and features invented colors and sharp angles. Yet, they are same flowers!!  Do you have a preference for one over the other?  Feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Personal Delivery Just for You

Over the past season or anytime, actually, you may have seen a painting that you liked but, alas, did not take home. Well, no worry.  I will personally deliver the painting to your house or arrange to have it shipped. And remember, all paintings are guaranteed. Just get in touch with me.

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How to Purchase

Much artwork on this site has been shown at art exhibitions and is for sale.

If you would like to see close-up details of a piece, let me know and I will email you images.

Don’t have all the cash? I will set up a payment system for you.

All sales are guaranteed which means you must be 100% satisfied with the artwork. If the artwork does not meet your expectation in anyway, please return it for a refund.

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The Sketchbook Project at Brooklyn Art Library (Video)

Update:  I just discovered that there was fire involving the sketchbooks in the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project in February, 2022 --...