Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Patterned" After Matisse

 The Bakery Visit, acrylic, 11"x14", framed, $400
Last time I wrote about Wayne Theibaud and this time I would want to mention  another artist that I've always admired  -- Henri Matisse. Matisse was an artist who focused on beauty in his paintings. He wasn't about telling stories or delivering hidden meanings. He enjoyed painting interior scenes in harmonious colors, figures that were dancing or bounding and, of course, beautiful models amid heavily patterned backgrounds. He concentrated on using color to express beauty in ways that were new at the time.  "I dream of an art of balance, purity, tranquility, devoid of disturbing or disquieting subject matter...as something akin to a good armchair..." -- Matisse.

He has taught me to appreciate the beauty in the scenes I create. My featured artwork today is also about patterns and colors. This painting shows the pattern of the bakery racks and the repeating patterns of the fruit tarts and cookies in the pans. There is also the pattern of the triangles that make up the slices of chocolate cake.  The human brain is comforted by patterns, I think. There may be a sense of ease with rhythm.


Oakbrook (IL) Center Invitational Art Fair

The fine Oakbrook Center is the setting for a long running invitational art fair this Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5. Artists have booths that leisurely wind through the outdoor pathways that run through the center. 

I will have a booth that is front of Bloomingdale's Home Store.  I hope you can come by.

The Sketchbook Project at Brooklyn Art Library (Video)

Update:  I just discovered that there was fire involving the sketchbooks in the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project in February, 2022 --...