Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TipsyCake Cake Shop

TipsyCake Cake Shop, 11"x14", acrylic, framed © Barbara Sistak Baur. All rights reserved.
There is an actual cake shop in Chicago named TipsyCake and that was the inspiration for this painting. The TipsyCake Cake Shop shows two bakers at work with bright colors against the stainless steel background drawing you into the scene. There are many elements that attracted me to this painting -- the setting, the colors, the figures. And the challenges were many-fold: capturing brightness in an indoor setting, bringing color to a stainless steel environment, having the two figure-shapes interplay correctly and adding enough detail but not so much as to overwhelm.  I am very satisfied with the level of detail that is balanced by the looseness of the strokes. Click on the close up image for a larger view. And, of course, I love this the story this painting tells.

I created a second painting like this and it is on my web site.  Click here to go to the galleries.

-- Barb

By the way, I want to tell you that TipsyCake creates the most fabulous cakes and desserts.  They look fantastic and - better yet - they taste like heaven.  And that isn't always the case with lovely desserts -- I know.  I have visited (and sampled) many bakeries near and far.

If check out the web site, you'll find wonderful examples of the "cakes the dreams are made of" And, if you ever get a chance, this is the place to go for true taste delights!

Thank you, TipsyCake, for allowing me to visit your shop to find inspiration for my latest series of pastry paintings!

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