Saturday, June 12, 2010

TipsyCake Cake Shop II

TipsyCake CakeShop II, 11"x14", acrylic,  © Barbara Sistak Baur. All rights reserved.
Here is the second painting of the TipsyCake kitchen featuring a baker at work on multiple cakes.  This painting tells the story of a busy shop.  There are many cakes in progress, multiple bowls of frosting are about, various tools are on the counter, there is something simmering on stove and trays of goodies are in the racks.  Yet, this baker is focused on the single task of completing her cake.

This is a small, acrylic painting, just 11"x14." Unlike many of my pastry paintings, I use standard paints with no extra gels or media (see the close up-remember you can click the image to see a larger view).  My personal challenge was to keep this painting warm and colorful in the midst of the  cool stainless steel. In addition, I wanted it pair nicely with the first painting like this. Whenever I paint in a serious like that, I keep the first painting in view in my studio.  It keeps me on track.

-- Barb

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