Friday, July 22, 2016

Cupcake Wave

Cupcake Wave is an artwork that I created during my exploration of multiple dimensions on the painting surface. (You can click on the image to get a larger view. Press esc to return.) This work is comprised of several small paintings on little canvases that have been adhered  to a larger canvas.  In this case, it is a 3-foot long and narrow canvas that serves as the base painting. In addition, the smaller canvases undulate along the larger canvas creating a "wave" sensation. 

Abstract cupcakes in contrasting colors provide the images.  Each little abstract is on it own little canvas.  The base canvas is 36" long and 6" high. Color blocks are painted on it.

On the back of the little canvas, I spread a thick acrylic gel.  

 Each little canvas has its place on the painting. It is placed and pressed down. Then left along overnight. 

 The acrylic gel dries as hard as a rock making a very sturdy adhesive.


Anonymous said...

Barb, you always have fun with your art, and it always shows in the result. Thanks for sharing the joy! Heather

B Sistak Baur said...

Thanks, Heather. It is good to know you are looking in!

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