Monday, July 27, 2020

Pies on Pans -- Sold!

Pies on Pans, 21"x27", acrylic, © B. Sistak Baur
Pies on Pans with its viewpoint of looking right into a pie case is a design study with ellipses.  Ellipses are circles as seen from the side. You see them everywhere throughout your day but we usually just call them circles. 

Ellipses are challenging shapes for anyone painting or drawing. To better understand and perhaps conquer ellipses, I suggest a new column in the NY Times called Line by Line.  This is a delightful series on the pleasures of drawing and one entry is all about ellipses.


Update -- this lovely painting has a new home!  It is heading to a Gallery / Frame / Pie Shop in Kansas City, Missouri. This is the perfect setting!  When I get more information on the location, I will post it here. 

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