Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Favorite "Bakery"

I am often asked where I find my inspiration. I freely admit that I find bakery items beautiful and admire the artistry of the master bakers. In a sense, I feed off their creativity. My favorite bakery is not a bakery at all but an ethic market with a butcher, fresh seafood, a grill, produce and, of course, baked goods lining the back walls. It is called Graziano's, an Argentine market, and it is located in Miami. It is there where my journey started for this series of paintings and to where I return whenever I can. The bakery cases are stocked with mesmerizing treats of brilliant colors and luscious textures. The display is new every time, filling me with renewed inspiration. I do not speak Spanish and they do not speak English. They must think I am a funny tourist when I snap my reference photos. But they pay me no mind. And, just so you know, yes, everything tastes as fabulous as it looks!

-- Barb

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