Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Art Fair Schedule is Shaping Up

I certainly miss seeing everyone and eager to get started again at the summer art festivals. As you may know, art fair artists start the application process in the fall for following summer. Most of the festivals I attend are "juried." This means that my paintings are placed along side paintings by other artists and a "jury" rates them. The artists with higher scores are invited to participate in the festival. I have 90% of my applications submitted -- and invitations are trickling in. So far I have been invited to the following shows;

• May 22-23, Riverside Art Festival, Burlington Ave., Riverside, IL
• June 5-6, 57th Street Art Fair, Hyde Park, Chicago
* Sept. 4-5, Oakbrook Center Invitational Fine Art Exhibition, Oak Brook, IL

This list will grow as I hear from festival organizers. I will update my schedule as I learn of the results. I hope your favorite art festival shows up on the list. If not, I hope you visit a new festival.

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