Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Web Site!

Better organized, a cleaner look and a more pleasant experience visiting it -- these are the reasons I created my new website. (Yes, I do all the work myself so be kind.) I have been online with my blog for a long time but that always presented organizational and presentation challenges.

Here is what you can find at the website. All art is posted to together in neat and tidy galleries. Images enlarge for better viewing. The pages are easy to navigate. Schedules and news are easy to find. There is a newsletter sign-up (if you have friends that like art, be sure to direct them to my new site). Also I have introduced new "mini" paintings. The smallest of which is 3"x4". Have a look-see. They cute.

I will continue my blog but will use it more for ramblings and musings than art presentation, which is better on the web site. One nice thing about websites and the internet in general, is that you can add items and change things endlessly. So my website will be such a place. For now, it is just getting started and it will grow and grow.

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