Monday, October 27, 2008

Art-Throb™ -- The Pfister Hotel

The Dog, shown in perfect form, is typical of late Victorian art.
Art-Throb is the term I use when I discover a great place, usually a little out-of-the-way, to enjoy an art experience. I came across such as place this past weekend – the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. First of all, the Pfister is a turn-of-the-century restored beauty in itself. But on top of that, it boosts the largest Victorian art collection of any hotel. There are more than 80 pieces. Guido Pfister, the hotel founder, collected the works from about 1860 until 1895 (the concierge tells me). Victorian art typically features pleasant landscape, figures from Greek or Roman themes and/or mythology. The people in the paintings are idealized and beautiful. Victorian paintings reflect the optimism of the turn of century. The director of the Milwaukee Art Museum writes, “Dating generally from the years surround the hotel’s founding (1893), the art collection is an exceptional example of late Victorian taste in America.”

The paintings are located throughout the lobby, mezzanine and 7th floor meeting and banquet rooms. You are free to roam and view. The gift store sells a $10 guide which is worth the price. To get there, set your GPS to 242 E. Wisconsin St.
The painting behind me is named The Captive.
Art-Throb is a trademark of Barbara Baur Art.


Unknown said...

Dear Barbara -
Thanks for the wonderful words about our collection - we're blushing!!!! It's always a treat to be able to share the treasures of this most wonderful of homes with visitors. To have an extant collection of this size gracing those salons and corridors for which it was assembled really gives our guests a unique window into the world that spawned the Grand Hotels, as well as an insight into the intentions of hotel founder and collector Charles Pfister. Think of it as the next best think to a "sleep-over" at Versailles, only not so stuffy, and the foods better - lol. That it delighted you delights us, and we look forward to your next visit. In the meantime, stop by for a virtual visit anytime - we never close ( and I seldom shut up ;->). I'll look forward to chatting with you in the future.
Your friend,
That Pfister Guy

PS - If you put "711 N Jefferson St" in your GPS, it will bring you right to our Front Door.

B Sistak Baur said...

Thank you for writing, Pfister Guy. I think I met you during my stay there. You were so helpful in providing background and in helping select interested things to do in town. By the way, all the artwork is posted on the Pfister site. The link is on the original post.
Barbara Sistak Baur

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