Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wild Flamingo Lady

Here is a new art table that I just completed for my good friend, Roxanne!  She is wild about flamingos and collects all things flamingo (so long are they are whimsical).  The art table has a painting on the top surface. Then, small pieces of memorabilia are adhered to the surface of the painting. It is edged with trim and the final step is to flood the entire surface with a high gloss resin. This encases the painting and objects and creates a durable surface. The table can be placed into use as a coffee table or end table.  It is okay to place your drinks right on the table -- it wipes clean every time!

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Here is the tabletop. You can see the whole painting and the many fun objects.  This flamingo lady is having a wild time with her friends at the tiki bar. She is a fabulous gal!

All dressed up to go out.  And what a great hat! There are little dancing flamingos around the brim. Don't you love the earring?

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