Monday, July 7, 2008


I accepted a challenge recently – take the textural style I have developed further. Push it to a different place. This is the happy result. I used raw canvas as the major textural element, along with large brushstrokes and impasto paint. The raw canvas was cut or torn into appropriate shapes. That process left some loose strings and fraying that I decided to keep. The raw canvas shapes were adhered to the board and stuffed a bit to give them more depth. I painted on the raw canvas using a large brush. I dripped glazing on the rolls for “icing.” I like how the roughness of the canvas, raw edges and thick paint serves the subject. Plus, there is a more abstract feel. © 2008 Barbara Sistak Baur, 16”x30”, acrylic, turned canvas, mixed media.

Close ups of the loaves and rolls.

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